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B24 Keratin Treatment - The best!

The best liquid keratin treatment chosen by top salons and professionals every where!B24 Keratin Treatment Max



  • Spray on liquid application.
  • Extra strength works well on tight curl hair.
  • Same day wash out.
  • Beautiful glossy hair that lasts 3 months.

Japanese Thermal Straightening and conditioning

It is still going very strong. We carry entire line of innosys brand formulas and conditioners.

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The i-Straight System (Thermal Reconditioning) is a permanent hair straightening system that utilizes 3 solution strengths, each tailored for different cases. Whether the difference is in hair texture, curl type, and condition (such as highlighted, bleached, or even pre-relaxed hair types) there is a solution to meet the specific needs of each individual.

The solutions (relaxer parts) can also be inter-mixed with each other to form a custom strength depending on the condition of the hair. The solutions are cream-based for easier application and to prevent the relaxer from dripping down to the scalp area. As with all hair chemicals, if it touches the scalp, breakage can occur.

B24 ProStraight Flat Iron

B24 ProStraight Flat Iron

  • Ceramic, Ionic Digital Plate for Professional use.
  • 450F degree ionic plate.
  • Heats up in 12 seconds.
  • Tangle resistant extra long swivel cord.
  • 6 temperature settings.
  • Specially designed to be used for keratin treatments and other chemical straightening services.

innosys i-straight Keratin Treatment

ibs Beauty, lnc., the makers of iStraight Japanese Straightening/Thermal reconditioning, has iStraight Keratin treatment in the INNOSYS line of products.

iStraight Keratin, Advanced Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary hair treatment (aka: Brazilian Keratin Treatment) that reconstructs the hair by depositing Keratin deep into the hair to repair damage and at the same time straightens hair and eliminates frizz. It's not permanent and it's not a relaxer, so it will not cause damage! Formulated with over a dozen natural oils, iStraight Keratin will leave the hair shiny, straight, re-texturized, and beautiful!

innosys keratin treatmentiStraight Keratin Formaldehyde Free has the same benefits in conditioning and moisturizing the hair by depositing keratin in the hair. Unlike other products that contain ingredients that convert to formaldehyde, this formulation is 100% Formaldehyde Free and safe to use in any environment and on anyone! It will repair the hair internally and give shine and manageability for beautiful hair that looks and feels natural. The iStraight Keratin Formaldehyde Free should be used for clients who do not wish to have their hair completely straight.

post keratin treatment care productsPost Care Products

It is important to recommend the correct products for post care for clients who have the iStraight Keratin done on their hair. The post care products are sodium chloride free and formulated to enhance keratin treatment to maintain the longevity of the treatment and straightness of the hair.