We are an UAV

outsourcing team.



Specialist producers in the design and development of various multimedia areas such as aerial photos, video editing and creative advertising.


Modern ortophotomaps production, DTM and DSM information and three dimensional modeling of objects.


We provide data collection based on aerial photo analysis algorithms tailored to the customer's needs


Our hardware offer is divided into the development of a great diversity of drones combined with a wide set of accessories used in several applications.

Our team

Dave Stevens


Johnny Shields


Barry Gilmore


Amanda Richards


About Us

"Providing services to help a business become an industry leader at the forefront of technology"


In a complex and rapidly changing technology, more and more companies of different industries are faced with the need to optimize and monitize their businesses in order to maintain their competitiveness. Aerial data collection has multiple advantages in multiple market activities which is why UAVs are becoming an industry standard.

UAVs main purpose is collecting data. Companies in any industry are always looking on ways to be more efficient and save time. Higher precision and speed allied to low cost compared to traditional methods is our basis in order to be able to increase productivity, add value to companies and satisfy our partners.


We are a fully outsourced and independent service with multiple capacities and support in numerous areas, such as business, construction industry, entertainment, farming and architecture.

Latest Projects

Madeira Promotion

Together with bloggers and influencers, we've filmed & photographed several touristic activities and scenarios across Madeira island.

Ground Objects Classification

We have created tools for post-processing aerial imagery for ground objects recognition and mapping.

Event w/Microsoft

We have provided a drone experience for a Microsoft teambuilding event in Ribatejo, Portugal.

Ecopark Monitoring

For several months, we have accompanied the construction of multiple homes in as Ecopark, enhancing the monitoring and planning of the client.